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Carbon Revenue Tool


This tool was developed to allow for the calculation and comparison of carbon revenues generated by afforestation/reforestation carbon projects under different forest carbon schemes. These schemes are tCERs, lCERs and VCUs. The Calculation of carbon revenues is based on the ex-ante estimate of the project's carbon sequestration.

Please note: The calculations of tCER- and lCER prices from prices of permanent CER neglect transaction costs which may be higher in the case of non-permanent CERs.


The tool focuses on more experienced forest carbon project developers who are familiar with the UNFCCC- and VCS aspects of forest carbon credits.


The tool was developed by GFA ENVEST under the QUEST JIFor Program and financed by the National Environmental Research Council (NERC) of the UK. Many thanks to Neil Bird from Joanneum Research for his review.

Download the Carbon Revenue Tool - (Excel file - 145 KB)