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Jo House

Jo House outside 10 Downing Street

Invited by Gordon Brown to
No. 10 for the launch of the
Eliasch Review

Role in QUEST:

Science and Policy Officer


My research focuses on the carbon cycle; land use change and greenhouse gas emissions; climate impacts on forests; mitigation of climate change through avoided deforestation, forestry and bioenergy; climate mitigation scenarios, emissions pathways and policy implications. I was PI for a joint project between the Environment Agency and QUEST on Climate change and the UK uplands (fate of UK upland peat soil carbon under climate change – implications for ecosystem services and management).

I was a lead author for the IPCC Third Assessment Report (carbon cycle chapter, for which we were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize), and contributing author in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.  I was a convening lead author on the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (Ecosystem services and climate chapter, for which we received the Zayeed Prize for Environmental Science). 


I managed the QUATERMASS project on biospheric climate mitigation (forestry, bioenergy) and was involved with the QUEST-GSI Global Scale Impacts of Climate Change project carrying out specific research on impacts on the forestry sector. I also ran the QUEST Working Group on Biodiversity and Climate Change.

I liaised with policy makers, industry, NGOs, etc. to make sure that the work QUEST funded met the needs of users, and that information exchange is timely and high-impact. I synthesized the science produced, from within the program and in the literature, in response to policy questions and consultations.

I have produced several policy briefings and contributed to reports such as the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (2006) and the Eliasch Review of forests and Climate Change (2008).  I regularly respond to government consultations, reviews and questions e.g. for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, The Committee on Climate Change, Defra, BIS and DfID.