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Dr Wolfgang Knorr

Photo of Wolfgang Knorr

Contact details:

Role in QUEST:

Senior Programme Scientist

Responsible for:

Data Management Strategy/Cross-Theme Data Initiative


Terrestrial ecosystems as part of the global carbon cycle; land surface-atmosphere interaction; use of remote sensing and data assimilation into terrestrial carbon, water and energy balance models; sustainable forestry as a climate mitigation strategy.

Recent Publications:

Scholze, M., W. Knorr, N.W. Arnell, and I.C. Prentice, 2006. A climate-change risk analysis for world ecosystems, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 103, 13116-13120

Knorr, W., I.C. Prentice, J.I. House, and E.A. Holland, 2005. Long-term sensitivity of soil carbon turnover to warming, Nature, 433, 298-301

Knorr, W., M. Scholze, N. Gobron, B. Pinty, and T. Kaminski, 2005. Global-scale drought caused atmospheric CO2 increase, EOS, 86, 178, 181

Knorr, W., and J. Kattge, 2005. Inversion of terrestrial biosphere model parameter values against eddy covariance measurements using Monte Carlo sampling, Global Change Biology, 11, 1333-1351

Knorr, W., and K.-G. Schnitzler, 2005. Enhanced albedo feedback in North Africa from possible combined vegetation and soil-formation processes, Climate Dynamics, 26, 55-63

PhD Thesis:

Satellite Remote Sensing and Modelling of the Global CO2 Exchange of Land Vegetation: A Synthesis Study [Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Examensarbeit Nr. 49 (in German: "Satellitengestützte Fernerkundung und Modellierung des globalen CO2-Austauschs der Landbiosphäre: Eine Synthese"), Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg, Germany, ISSN 0938-5177.]