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QUEST Fish: Predicting impacts and consequences of climate change on fisheries

QUEST Fish was led by Dr Manuel Barange (PML) with 18 co-investigators from POL, PML, CEFAS, University of Plymouth, University of Portsmouth, CSIC (Spain), UEA, WorldFish Centre, IPSL, ICES (DenmarQUEST Fish logok), Met Office, IRD (Paris) and University of North Carolina.

The project investigated:
1 - How CC scenarios would affect the potential production for global fisheries resources in the future, compared with past and present scenarios. Results demonstrate that despite large uncertainties it is possible to incorporate climate drivers into ecosystem and fish models to extract meaningful estimates of fish production globally, with a national resolution.

2 - How fish production estimates, driven by climate, interact with global trade dynamics to demonstrate impacts, adaptations and vulnerability to climate change on a large social-economic, marine-based commodity system. The work has focused on fishmeal and fish oil and demonstrated that most climate changes will translate in regionally diverse impacts. Globally, these impacts can be managed through adequate adaptation measures. However, without global management systems in place there is a risk that impacts will be amplified rather than adapted to.

3 - Estimate the added vulnerability of these changes to human societies at national and global scale. The work conducted has focused primarily on regional case studies, rather than global analyses, and have helped develop the granularity of impacts that climate change is expected to cause.