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QUAVIDA - (Fire, vegetation and climate change in Australasia)

This woring group was sponsored by the ARC-NZ Research Network on Vegetation Function. It carried out a synthesis and analysis of palaeodata pertaining to the interactions of fire, vegetation, climate and human activities during the 75,000 years of human occupation in Australasia. It provided a Southern Hemisphere component to work in QUEST Theme 2 and drew on global climate and vegetation modelling work carried out by those projects, allowing them to contribute to the solution of a wider range of scientific problems. The Working Group’s activities are also contributing to the design of next generation DGVMs (by gathering plant functional trait information and developing an improved set of plant functional types). A series of four meetings, involving regional experts, were funded by the ARC-NZ Network.

Leader: Sandy Harrison

QUEST links: Theme 1 (QUERCC), Theme 2 (QUEST Deglaciation)

International links: ARC-NZ, IGBP-PAGES, International Quaternary Association (INQUA)