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Abrupt climate changes

This Working Group aims to synthesize the existing data pertaining to rapid climate change as registered in terrestrial and marine pollen records, and thereby provide a solid basis of evidence for the modelling of ecosystem responses to rapid climate change (and associated trace gas emissions) in the DESIRE project.

A first meeting was held in Bordeaux in June 2008. The meeting developed a plan to:
(a) compile a data base of global pollen records of Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) variability and to apply objective reconstruction techniques required for the worldwide quantitative evaluation of vegetation changes on this timescale, and
(b) produce a synthesis volume for Quaternary Science Reviews summarizing the current state of knowledge of regional vegetation responses to short-term climate variability through the last glacial period.

A writing workshop was held in Bordeaux in March 2009 to develop the special issue of QSR (volume 29, issues 21-22) which is now available online.

Leaders: Maria Fernanda Sanchez-Goñi

Co-sponsors: CNRS

QUEST links: Theme 2 (DESIRE)

International links: INQUA (International Union for Quaternary Research)

Products: Special issue of Quaternary Science Reviews