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Biodiversity and Climate Change

This Working Group assessed the risks to biodiversity associated with different degrees of climate change. It built on the IPCC Working Group 2 Report (2007) but considered a wider range of evidence, including palaeoclimatic and palaeoecological research within and beyond QUEST’s Theme 2 projects, and a new probabilistic analysis of impacts of climate change on vegetation shifts undertaken by Pru Foster and Jo House (QUEST core team) based on the ensemble of climate model runs performed for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, and the QUEST-GSI scenarios. The assessment also extended to the complex and controversial issues of species migration and conservation policy in the contexts of the (sometimes conflicting) assumptions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biodiversity.

Leaders: Jo House, Pru Foster, Andy Stott (Defra)

Co-sponsor: Defra

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