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Boundary layer processes

The first activity of this working group was a joint QUEST/ACCENT/ILeaps workshop in Wageningen.  41 participants reviewed the current knowledge of the physical and chemical processes at the surface and atmospheric boundary layer that influence the distribution and evolution of atmospheric compounds.  They discussed the use of new observational, experimental and modelling techniques to tackle the challenges of understanding and representing these processes, especially at the finer scales.  It brought together the atmospheric physics and chemistry communities, linking expertise in air quality and climate.

Other activities included the scoping of a future cooperative or collaborative experimental campaign, and the development of publications outlining the main needs for modelling activities and field research. 

Leaders: Sarah Cornell, Laurens Ganzeveld

Co-sponsors: iLEAPS, ACCENT

QUEST links: Theme 1 (QUAAC, QUERCC)

Other UK links: CEH, Met Office, NCAS

International links: Max Planck-Mainz, Wageningen