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Green Ocean modelling

This Working Group continues a series of international workshops which have been held annually since 2002. These meetings have involved observational oceanographers and modellers in the scoping and design of a prototype “Dynamic Green Ocean Model”, which has contributed to the development of QUEST research in the marine domain. The Working Group provided a unique opportunity to exchange ideas pertinent to developing the next generation of “plankton functional type” models for the QUEST Earth System Model. The international context of these meetings helped to establish a world-leading position for QUEST’s ocean ecosystem and biogeochemistry modelling activities.

Leader: Corinne Le Quéré

Co-sponsor: Eur-Oceans

QUEST links: Theme 1 (MarQUEST, Feedbacks QUEST, QESM), Theme 2 (Quaternary QUEST), Theme 3 (QUEST-Fish)

Other UK links: BAS, Oceans 2025

International links: IGBP-IMBER

Products: C. Le Quéré et al. (2005), Global Change Biology 11: 2016-2040