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PFC (Plant Functional Classification)

This Working Group was part of an IGBP/Diversitas Fast Track Initiative, which builds on the recent resurgence of interest in plant functional morphology to develop new plant functional type definitions and parameter specifications for the next generation of Dynamic Global Vegetation Models (DGVMs). The work directly fed into model development by the QUERCC project for the QUEST Earth System Model. QUERCC project members were also involved in the related ARC-NZ Working Group 4 which worked closely with the FTI. These international linkages helped to establish a world-leading position for QUEST’s terrestrial ecosystem and biogeochemistry modelling activities.

Outcomes of the FTI included emerging plans for a global plant trait database (with material support by the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena) and a study to develop a blueprint for the inclusion of quantitative trait information in a new generation of DGVMs.

Leader: Colin Prentice

Co-sponsors: IGBP, Diversitas

QUEST links: Theme 1 (QUERCC, QESM)

Other UK links: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

International links: IGBP, Diversitas, ARC-NZ