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PMIP (Palaeoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project)

PMIP, a joint project of WCRP-CLIVAR and IGBP-PAGES, was a long-standing international activity to facilitate different climate modelling groups to perform standardized experiments, allowing strict comparability between models, in the palaeoclimate domain. An important part of PMIP’s work involves compiling global data sets for key time intervals that can be used to evaluate the model results.

The steering committee of PMIP met in Oct 2007, to develop a five-year plan for PMIP Phase 3. The plan adopted several standard experiments that had first been defined by QUEST projects. The participation of QUEST Theme 2 scientists in PMIP activities, accordingly, was an important integrating mechanism that also adedd substantial value to QUEST Theme 2 science by engaging other major modelling groups worldwide to perform model experiments and tests.

Leaders: Paul Valdes, Sandy Harrison


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