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Climate change and uplands

QUEST was commissioned by the EA to fund a £100k research project on the implications of climate change for upland carbon-rich soils in the UK, (including peatlands), and the effects on ecosystem services such as carbon storage, flooding and water quality. The project developed a collaborative network with a wide range of network partners including academic, research, policy and NGOs.  The 18 month project made significant contributions to data collation, meta-analysis, and map production.   It has used environmental threshold approaches, bio-climate envelope modelling and process-based soil models; and has drawn on huge expertise and experience across the collaborative network.  The combination of scientific work carried out and the expertise within the network provided information of use to scientists, decision makers and managers.

Some of the questions the project has focused on scientifically or has addressed in policy briefings include:

Leaders: Jo House, Harriet Orr (EA)

Project Scientists: Joanna Clark (Bangor University), Angela Gallego-Sala (University of Bristol)

Co-sponsor: Environment Agency (EA)

QUEST links: Theme 1 (QUERCC, CCMAP), Theme 2 (QUEST Deglaciation), Theme 3 (Biosphere Management projects)

Other UK links: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology - Bangor; Bangor University; Natural England; Defra; Macaulay Institute; Forestry Commission; Countryside Council for Wales; Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.